Our 80+ years on this Earth are precious and our bodies should be regarded as important vessels that deserve to be cared for in the best manner possible. Far too often we abuse our bodies by engaging in poor diet, lack of exercise, and lack of meaningful and positive connection with ourselves and others. Our lives are immensely improved when we ensure that, regardless of whatever else we may do in our day to day lives, we take time to treat ourselves to ourselves. At Rae of Light Massage, we want you to appreciate the beauty of life and how the power of touch, combined with our use of therapeutic-grade essential oils can help you be and feel your best. Our treatments are performed with the highest technical skill combined with the sensitivity of the intuitive touch of our therapists. Rae of Light Massage therapists specialize in giving their all to each and every massage session. Take some time for yourself by visiting one of our therapists soon. Your body and your smile will be glad you did.

Rae Marie

Rae is the founder and owner of Rae of Light Massage Spa. For close to 15 years she has helped thousands of people feel better and continues to learn and explore how to do make the body heel faster and better through massage.

I love doing what I do because I enjoy helping people. We live in a crazy world full of life’s inevitable challenges and I feel that it’s everybody’s right, if not a duty to treat ourselves to a massage once a week.

I remember once working with a client that been trying to avoid neck surgery from a broken neck injury years before. He had been on numerous pain medications and managed to only get a maximum of 4 hours of sleep a night because of the pain. The first time I had worked on him I really focused on his pain issues with different techniques and pain killing essential oils. When the massage was over, his pain dropped to almost none existent. Over a year later, he still sees me for maintenance every 3 weeks, sleeps better through the night, and best of all, has stopped all pain medication, allowing him to be better focused on all aspects of his professional and personal life.

I Iike to treat myself with is a 2 hour deep tissue with a Raindrop. Raindrop is 10 different essential oils that align the spine, boost the immune system, oxygenate and stimulate the organs and glands of the body to reset them to work in perfect balance. It’s the equivalent of a day at the beach relaxing in Cancun, without the margaritas of course.

  • Melissa
  • It gives me great pleasure to make my clients smile and feel good about themselves. I like to make the body healthier in any way I can. I can help release stress, help with pain and sore muscles, and help my clients relax from a busy day or whatever ill them. I remember working with a brain cancer patient who sought some pain relief. During the massage she was able to fully relax which she hasn't been able to do in a long time. Tears of joy were released by her and her friend for the relief she felt. My favorite massage is a Thai Massage which combines the benefits of massage and yoga given rhythmically that provides full body comfort and relaxation. I am also pretty darn good at giving Swedish, Deep Tissue, as well Reflexology massages.

  • Carla
  • I began my therapy career working with auto accident victims and their injuries after receiving massage certification in 2000 from Heritage College here in Denver. Since then, I have honed my skills to provide just the right balance of relaxation and therapeutic techniques. I believe that human touch is a powerful form of energy and healing. Massage is an effective way to generate this "power." With massage therapy, there is tremendous healing potential because all of the body's systems are interconnected. As a therapist, my goal is to facilitate a positive change in the balance of the body. I try to provide therapy to my clients that is accentuated with warmth and sincerity. Also, I am currently a Reiki level II practitioner working towards the master level

  • Meagan
  • Licensed massage therapist since 2008, who loves seeing results, and making people feel relaxed, all while releasing muscles tension to allow for the structural alignment to find its way back into balance. An advocate for wellness through proper nutrition, exercise, and therapeutic grade essential oils. Often referring to herself as an essential oil junky.

Rae of Light Massage Spa is conveniently located at
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